Why Managers and Not HR Should Make Job Offers

Each company has their own approach to making job offers to candidates. With some, HR – makes the offer –  with others, the hiring manager makes the offer.  But it’s time for HR to step back and hiring managers to step forward.  There’s only one best practice when it comes to extending job offers.

The Manager Makes the Offer

And here’s why:

  • It solidifies the connection between the candidate and the hiring manager. The connection between managers and employees is the single largest determiner of employee engagement and a job offer coming from the manager says, “I’ve chosen you – I want you on my team.”
  • The manager can speak to why this candidate was chosen. “Your success managing large scale projects is just what I need on my team.” Again – more connection.
  • It establishes the manager as the decision maker furthering the manager’s credibility.
  • The manager gets to see, first hand, how the candidate handles himself during the offer phase. If the candidate counters – is it done respectfully – how does the candidate approach negotiations?
  • The manager can let the candidate know of any upcoming meetings or projects which may require the candidate to travel or adjust work hours.
  • It just plain feels good to make a job offer. A job offer has the potential to be life changing and most candidates respond with enthusiasm and excitement.


Sure, HR and the hiring manager should be on the same page detail-wise (salary, benefits, PTO).  but it’s time for HR to hand over the reins to the hiring manager.  The offer is the hiring manager’s to make.    

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