Five Tips for “Wowing” New Team Members

You finally found just the right person for your team. You made the offer and she accepted.  But your chosen one connected with plenty of other employers while she was interviewing with you.  Even though she accepted your offer she may still be keeping her job options open.  So why not “wow” her with a few extra steps boosting confidence that she made the right choice when she chose you.

  1. Send a welcome card through snail mail. Wow your new employee a few weeks before she starts work with a personalized welcome card signed by her new teammates. The advantage of snail mail is that she can show the card to her friends and family which only serves to boost your employer brand.
  2. Have your CEO (or division president or some other big-shot) send a welcome email to the new team member’s personal email address. Just imagine the wowing effect of a personalized message that says “You’re important and I’m glad you chose us”.
  3. Connect by phone a few days before she starts work. Remind her that you’re excited she’s joining your team.  Weeks may have gone by since you last spoke so take the time to reach out and reconnect. The wowing continues.
  4. Provide a great workspace on Day 1. Be certain the work area (and desk phone) is clean, well-stocked, and has good lighting.  Ready the computer, email and phone and provide log-in instructions.  Make sure you keep the wowing going now that she’s started work.
  5. Stop by her desk at the end of the first day and every day during her first week. If you’re out of town, call her. It’s all about the wow of connecting which translates to lasting success for both of you.

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