The evidence is clear. Employers with a committed, engaged workforce beat their competitors in key business markers including profitability, employee turnover, attracting top talent, customer service, efficiency, safety and absenteeism. We know how to make engagement happen and get fast results.

The single biggest determiner of employee engagement is management. Are your managers doing what it takes? Do they know what it takes to inspire employees and get the most from them? Ping-pong tables and sushi lunches are so yesterday.  Companies with engaged employees help employees find meaning in their work and connection with their managers and the organization.

We’ve Taken Four Employers to the Top Workplaces list.

Each organization improved their employer brand and maximized the return on their employee investment. Too often consultants talk a good game but don’t know how to play it. They leave you motivated to move forward but no idea how to do it. We use a proven prescriptive approach providing a detailed step-by-step process tailored to your organization. 

Our client’s real results include:

  • Cutting employee turnover in half from 26% to 13%
  • Reducing new hire turnover from 29% to 19% in just twelve months
  • Reducing unplanned employee absences by 22%
  • Improving cash collections by 18%
  • Reducing time to fill open jobs by 30%
  • Significantly improving online customer feedback
  • Significantly improving Glassdoor scores enhancing the employer brand